Building Back Better: Sonia, Shelley and AC

November 16, 2023 Travel Community Hub Season 2 Episode 1
Building Back Better: Sonia, Shelley and AC
Show Notes

Series 2 is here!

In this first episode Richard Taylor and Ann-Catherine Jones were joined by Sonia Jones and Shelley Brice, in their first appearance since featuring in multiple episodes Richard's Travel Community Hub webinars back in 'those times'.

Their advice during those webinars helped many hundreds of advisors and assorted travel people keep it together and plan for revival, so now feels like a good time to check in on how their own rebuilding processes have turned out.

Sonia has opened a retail space, Shelley is more choosy about the business she takes on, and AC has gone full recluse to focus on being the best version of her advisor self.

You'll also hear some interesting stories about exceptional customer service, such as Shelley's late night phone calls with a man dressed in nothing but a bathrobe. 

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