Anthony Goldman: All In The Family

February 11, 2024 Travel Community Hub Season 2 Episode 2
Anthony Goldman: All In The Family
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In our first episode for 2024, Richard and AC meet man of many titles Anthony Goldman. He's the Joint Managing Director of the Goldman Travel Corporation by day, but is also a director of Link Travel Group and Chair of the Global Advisory Board for Virtuoso. He also serves on other advisory boards, ensuring there is never a dull moment.

This episode is about family. The origins of the Goldman travel story pre-date World War 2, when grandfather Alfons began selling rail tickets in Vienna. But Anthony also talks about the wider travel industry family and the importance of relationships that are so critical to the ongoing success of any modern travel business.

We talk about turning lawyers into travel advisors, the commoditisation of the word 'luxury' and the client who calls up Goldman Travel's office from Paris to find out what the weather will be that day, rather than open her hotel curtains.

We're also joined by the delight that is Helen Eves, National Sales Manager Australia of Tauck, who dropped in for our Sales Call to explain why Tauck is kicking goals in Australia with their unique experiences on tours, river cruise and small-ship cruising that you just can't find anywhere else. 

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