Nicola Veltman: From Kitchen Table to World Domination

February 25, 2024 Travel Community Hub Season 2 Episode 3
Nicola Veltman: From Kitchen Table to World Domination
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This week Richard and AC are joined by Nicola Veltman, CEO and Co-Founder of 1000 Mile Travel Group. 

Nicola’s thousand mile journey began with a single step, around her kitchen table with her partner Ben. Their vision was to create a global network of agents that had access to corporate tools and sales pipelines that allowed members to run their own race, working from anywhere and in control of their own business while being part of a vibrant, supportive and truly unique network. 

From that kitchen table in Melbourne we travel via the Mornington Peninsula and London to a ski lodge in the Rocky Mountains where we spoke to Nicola, who currently resides in nearby Denver. The 1000 Mile Group now has a global 750-strong network of agents and their helpers globally. 

We asked Nicola how she and Ben manage to retain their original vision of the network’s culture when things get bigger, and how they have has succeeded in a highly competitive US market. In an interview that traverses business and family, we learn about pitching to venture capitalists while managing three young children that have already experienced life in three countries. 

We hope you enjoy!


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