Nikki Glading: Breaking Barriers

March 24, 2024 Travel Community Hub Season 2 Episode 5
Nikki Glading: Breaking Barriers
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From Contiki tour guide to General Manager of the Luxury Travel Collection Member Portfolio, Nikki Glading has had quite the travel industry career. 

In a frank and introspective interview, Nikki talks about her leadership journey that has included healthy doses of vulnerability, honesty and self-awareness along the way. Now in what she calls her “dream job”, Nikki is perhaps uniquely qualified to bring high-performing luxury and boutique travel agencies into an ecosystem that focuses on their business needs. 

We also discuss why you shouldn't eat soup dumplings prior to an in-person interview, and how Nikki's devotion to customer service quite literally broke (Westfield Car Park) barriers. 

Here’s a link to explain the talk of pineapples, in case that's new for you.

In our Sales Call segment, Tamara Kobiolke from our series sponsor Numinous Luxury Travel Representation joined us to discuss the growing portfolio of this thriving business that sprinkles fairy dust on the bookings of Australian travel advisors.
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